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Desktop and Cloud Virtualization solutions by Clapback enables you to reduce your business risks, accelerate cloud development and build a secure foundation with a workload portability with Docker and Containers.


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The working population confined to their desktops or offices has become a thing of the past. The mainstream trend shows that people want to work anywhere, anytime and with any device according to their comfort and accessibility.

Clapback ‘s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions

  • provide a comprehensive approach to effectively design, manage, and control the access of a BYOD network.
  • enhance user experiences and productivity
  • are designed to keep data secure with unified policy and essential controls necessary to support this mobile work environment
  • offerings include: Workspace Portal (VmWare), Enterprise Mobility Management (Citrix), Access points (Cisco), Controllers(Cisco), Security(Cisco), Network management(Cisco), and Mobile Collaboration Applications(Cisco).

Although Desktop and Application virtualization applications are increasingly becoming popular among organizations, but they too have their own set of challenges. These challenges zero down to the infrastructure and operational cost, and solution deployment discrepancies.

Clapback ‘s Desktop Virtualization Solution offerings address the traditional challenges of desktop virtualization deployment, including:

  • On board Server Architecture,
  • Simplified Storage Architecture,
  • Scalable Architecture for Expansion and Converged Infrastructure.

Our solutions are possible with Lower Initial Cost, Reduced System Complexity, Simplified management and Scalable performance.

Organizations today are looking forward to bringing transformation in their data centres as their private cloud strategy. IT as a Service on private cloud helps organizations to reduce costs, raise efficiency, and introduce innovative new business models to become more agile and efficient, and simplify its operations and infrastructure.

Private Cloud @ Clapback :

  • Clapback is experienced to assess, design and deploy private cloud solutions for the enterprises.
  • Our solution offerings include: Unified Computing System, Unified Fabric, Unified Management, High speed networking and Virtualization and Storage.