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Clapback ‘s compute services offer comprehensive solutions to align compute infrastructure to your business objectives. Our solutions focus on innovation through automation and solution accelerators. This helps organizations to leverage new technologies for greater flexibility and efficiency.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)server platform is powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor and helps simplify operations and management, increase speed, and reduce costs.The next evolution in IT is happening now, and Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) is ready to power your data centre in the Internet of Everything. Cisco UCS also brings the flexibility of virtualized systems to the physical world in a way no other server architecture can, lowering costs and improving your ROI.

IT operations and business applications worldwide nowadays expect a rapid response time and premier service levels with varying as well as flexible ways to access data.

Clapback’s Compute team is trained and certified on multiple data application platforms including storage. Our Storage solutions involve the management framework for next generation data centres comprised of both virtualized storage and server assets. Our Storage offerings include: SAN, NAS and Storage Management Suit.

Clapback ‘s focal areas in Storage:

  • Lower your Operational Costs with the use of advanced management framework to optimize administration, operations, performance and resilience
  • Assist you to simplify complex storage environments to lower both storage capital and operational costs
  • Aid you to build a sustainable storage foundation with efficient management practices for virtualized storage and servers with limited staff

Data protection is a prime consideration with every data centre. Clapback believes that ‘your business-critical data is as important to us, as it is to you’. We implant the best-of-the-best industry practices to ensure that your data security management system is built to protect your personal data.

Video Walls are the new-gen powerful way to engage with your intended audience looking for innovative products and solutions.

Big Data focal points at Clapback

  • Creating and managing your organizational data growth strategy together
  • Supporting customers in capitalizing their data 
  • Combining customer data with other information to produce improved business insight

Clapback gives you the power of excellence on your fingertips to manage content effectively. Our Content Management differentiators include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation, recommendation, integration, migration, implementation, infrastructure and post go-live support of your content
  • Deep-domain and market-leading expertise in building highly scalable, user-friendly and transformative solutions