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Change is the key driving factor for the latest technological advancements in the organizations today. Network and communication infrastructure in the present day is the foundation of any business success.


Most frequent questions and answers

Every organization today expects a powerful communication platform, to strongly support the convergence of data, voice, video and mobile communications in a secure and integrated architecture.

Routing and Switching @ ClapBack:

  • Clapback, since its outset, is partnered with Cisco.
  • Our expert team is involved in designing intelligent routing and prioritizing applications as solutions to provide the quality of service on business demands.
  • Our solutions include real-time applications (such as voice and video) to provide seamless connectivity between people and information.
  • Our offerings include:WAN Routers, LAN Switches, NMS, and IP Routing Services.

The flourishing demands in mobility and accessibility is the key to advancing wireless technology. With decades of networking expertise, Clapback’s team helps its customers to design, implement and secure wireless networks to meet the present-day demands for reliable communications.

Wireless @ Clapback:

  • We offer a blend of flexible, scalable and secure wireless solutions
  • Our portfolio comprises of cutting-edge designs in: LAN Wireless, Access Points, Wireless Controllers, Network Management, Outdoor Wireless, Wireless security servers and Mobile Wireless.
  • Clapback’s trained and certified networking team assures highest QoS to businesses of all sizes.
  • Our solutions help our customers gain control over their network mobility, security and management with a flexible and scalable network.

Information Security today is a big challenge faced by organizations worldwide. As the demand for open networks is increasing, so are the security threats. Cyber-attacks are becoming vulnerable to conventional security methods. Therefore, a good information security solution is not only essential to protect your data, but also helps you grow your business.