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Datacenter Build

The Datacentre industry uses a vast amount of energy, as this involve enormous facilities operating 24×7 all through the year. Due to a mammoth consumption of power, this service requires a good sustainability. This will not only improve the datacentre efficiency, but will also help lower your company’s carbon footprint.


Most frequent questions and answers

Today, every datacenter needs reliable power and cooling systems to sustain their activities 24×7. Clapback aims at designing a datacenter without any single point of failure. Clapback’s Power & Cooling Solution Offerings include:

  • A full range of highly efficient UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) and PDUs (Power Distribution Units), to help keep your datacenter up and running.
  • Silent Power Diesel Generators, to achieve continuous power with minimum noise levels.
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning Cooling systems) with unparalleled expertise and industry’s most advanced technology.

The Civil and Electrical aspects are integral to consider for the longevity of datacenter Infrastructure. In addition to providing high-quality continual power sources, what is of utmost importance is how effectively is the power delivered.

Data is the most crucial and top priority component of any datacenter build. So, it is very important that data transmission is uninterrupted, and skilfully designed and executed. Security is another factor that needs attention in datacenter Build. It starts with Risk and Threat Assessment, based on which an operational requirement is developed and protection is justified. Clapback ‘s key differentiators in safety & security –

  • Well-trained team to address challenges adhering to Fire, Water, Physical Security & Access, and Monitoring and Control.
  • Solution designs based on robust and proven technologies

Structured Cabling Solutions are often overlooked in Datacenter Build. Identifying structured cabling solutions and choosing the right components not only ensures reliable performance and operation, but also helps save time and money. Clapback’s Passive Infrastructure team is certified by their respective OEMs on product and solutions designs.