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ClapBack provides an extensive nportfolio of Collaboration services to ease and increase deployment speed, align your technology decisions with business requirements, manage costs, and identify and resolve issues.


Most frequent questions and answers

The present-day generation is rapidly accelerating towards globalization. Therefore, it’s crucial for organizations as well as their customers and vendors to showcase their business presence with a powerful response. To address these expedited business concerns, it is important to know how to build a collaborative environment where people can effectively work together, to meet the business needs.

Organizations can also unleash their workforce productivity by making effective use of unified communication in the form of voice, video, instant messaging, voice mail, email, etc. Unified communication is increasingly being recognized as a technology to increase the business efficiency and responsiveness.

Highlights of Unified Communication at Clapback :

  • Decade of experience and expertise to exhibit the right value proposition
  • Best industry practices employed in Unified Communication
  • Offerings include:IP Telephony, Instant Messaging, Video Telephony and Voice Mail.

Every business in the present-day globalized era focusses on building friendly relations to establish trust and sustain a win-win situation with their customers, partners and vendors. As a result, telepresence is the best option that organizations are looking for in real-time. Video and Telepresence are the utilities used mostly by non IT workforce that use feasibility for their operational purposes. Telepresence also provides complete data sharing, more rapid interaction, decision-making, and better visual remote demonstration.

Clapback Highlights in Video and Telepresence:

  • Easy to use, deploy, maintain and integrate
  • Use of intelligent networks for a highly secure, reliable, comprehensive and better user experience
  • Our Offerings: Video Phones, Desk Video Endpoints, Classroom Video Endpoints, Immersive Telepresence and Software Clients

Globalization has made it achallenge for the workforce to connect not only with the right people, but also the right communication mode and devices. Today, every organization (irrespective of size) is striving to improve communications for customer retention, gain competitor edge, control costs and global business growth.

Clapback represents Cisco in Unified Collaboration space. Its Cisco Jabber platform helps you find the people availability and collaborate using your preferred device. It can give you an access to presence, Instant Messaging, voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing and conferencing.

Video Walls are the new-gen powerful way to engage with your intended audience looking for innovative products and solutions.

Clapback ‘s focalpoints in Video Walls:

  • Experienced player in Collaborations and Audio Video Solutions
  • Design reliable, high performance, cost effective and LED based Video Walls solutions
  • Our solution offerings: LED based Video Walls, LED Display panels, Live camera/PC feeds, Video Management Software and Media Players.

Rapid advances in the tech world has changed the face of the present-day user experience as well as the AV and boardroom facilities. The AV equipment now take the digital attributes of IT, and it has thus become important to make them work in collaboration to deliver the expected outcomes. 

Highlights of Clapback ‘s AV and Board Room Solutions:

  • Every AV Integration solution is a Project by itself, which covers complete life cycle of¬†Design-Plan-Deploy-Monitor-Deliver
  • Our experienced team has comprehensive knowledge of Collaboration AV rooms
  • We work closely with customers to fully understand their unique business and technical needs
  • Our solution offerings:HD Audio Video Conferencing codecs, HD Displays, Panels, Video Walls, Projectors, Digital Signage, Control Systems and Automation Solutions, Lighting Control System, Sound and PA System and Mixtures, Accessories, Connectors and Cables

If you want to create an impact, then let the Clapback experts help you in building your digital signage and enriching your collaboration experience.